Tableau Reader

Tableau Reader 6.0

View and interact, with Tableau Desktop workbooks
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Extend the benefits of data visualization, analysis and workgroup collaboration. For free.
Tableau Reader is a free PC application that lets people view visualizations built in Tableau Desktop.

Desktop users create interactive data visualizations and publish as packaged workbooks. With Reader colleagues can interact with results by filtering, sorting, and examining data.

-View complete sets of visualizations including annotations - without losing resolution.
-Interact with visualizations: sort, filter and drill to more detail.
-Use your Tableau Desktop analytics more broadly and more deeply within your organization.
-Export graphics, cross-tabs and data for use in your other applications.

-Change filters, page across slides of data, sort and follow guided links through the data story.
-Find and select outliers - then view or export for further analysis.
-Page through multiple analytic views.
-Interact with data visualizations created by users of Tableau Desktop.

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